John & Lauren folks!!!

Woah! What a way to kick off my 2017 sessions!

These two may be the sweetest, nicest and down to earth couple that I have had the pleasure of hanging out with! They currently are living in Chicago and we decided to squeeze a morning engagement session in one chilly & windy {they brought the windy city to Buffalo} morning while they were in town visiting with family and friends! John and Lauren expressed their love for city life in our many emails so we headed into Downtown Buffalo! We started off our day at a local  coffee shop, where I got to grill these love birds on how they met {high school sweet hearts! Awe!!} , when they knew it was love, how John proposed and the list goes on! They were so cute with their lovey dovey eyes throughout their shoot, and I don't think they could hold back the smiles that were flooding in, even if they tried. We then explored the streets of the theatre district and finished off their engagement session on the top of a parking garage over looking parts of this beautiful city! These two, without question are two of the most in love, happy people! Such a fun shoot!

Here are some of my personal favorites!

Congratulations Lauren & John! 

Amanda Schmidt