Alex & Dustin... Dustin & Alex... Seriously though what is there to even say about these two!!? Alex a kick ass boudoir photographer (Boudoir by Alexandria Kenyon), empowering woman to embrace & harness their inner and outer beauty and let it radiate proudly, and Dustin, a bad Ass United States Marine! This insanely gorgeous couple gives meaning to the term 'power couple' . 

I was so fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to shoot with them on my most recent North Carolina trip! The entire session they spent giggling, teasing each other and being only the cutest freaking thing. Playful couples are truly my favorite to shoot with, their 'poses' come so naturally, as there is nothing posed about how much fun they were having together! At times I was just standing there shooting without having to direct a single move, to say they made my job an easy one would be an understatement. 

Here is a favorites roundup from our time together! 

PS. Is her hair not insane!? Im obsessed!

Amanda Schmidt