I can't believe its already been about a week and a half since I was in North Carolina visiting! As some of you may already know, if you have been following me for some time, my husband was in the marine corp stationed at Camp Lejuene for 8 years! We recently this past August relocated back, to our home town in Buffalo NY! So whenever we get the chance to make our way down to stay with our friends (our little USMC family) it is extra special, as this place was part of our lives for so long. While on my little vacation I took on a few clients, in order to see old and new faces & shoot in the places I shot in over the past years! 

I kicked off my Lejuene shoots with Miss Latoya! Guys..  I've been referring to this shoot as my smile session, and it won't take much glancing through her images to see why. I don't know that I have ever photographed someone with such a radiant, contagious smile! It's hard to come by when you meet someone and instantly know that, that outside beauty matches the inside! 

When Latoya first emailed me to book her session I learned she is the proud owner of Jacksonville NC's, Sarah and Jessie Boutique, who's main goal is to provide feminine clothing to help woman feel pretty and confident! I found this so awesome that she had reached out to me, because I had followed this boutique personally for quite some time! It was nice that I was already a bit familiar with her style and finally I could put a face to the name! Naturally, Her outfits were put together impeccably from head to toe, as you would imagine a clothing store owners would be haha! But really.. I wanted everything she was wearing! At our shoot together, It felt as though I had known herself and her sister who tagged along for years, so we talked, I picked their brains and asked lots of questions to learn more about Sarah and Jessie! The sweetest thing I think I learned about the Sarah and Jessie brand? The origin of the name! The boutique was named after Latoyas two grandmothers! Is that not the sweetest thing you have ever heard?! And if that does not speak volumes as to the type of person Latoya is, but also the type of store she is representing! 

Our fun session was coming to an end and 'fluster brained vaca Amanda' had completely forgotten a jean jacket for my next client, that I had promised to bring. Latoya took a jacket from her back seat and let a complete stranger to her borrow it for her shoot.. I honestly can not say enough good things! To sum it all up... Latoya is one bad ass babe & I HIGHLY recommend you go see her smiling face and shop a little! She is sure to brighten up the darkest of days & shopping never hurts either!! ;D Some favorites from her shoot below!


Everything pictured (besides the hat) can be found at Sarah & Jessie!

1010 Henderson Drive Unit 100, Jacksonville NC 28540

Visit the Sarah & Jessie,  Instagram here!  & website here!

Amanda Schmidt