If you follow my Facebook or instagram, you have been seeing previews from this stunning engagement at the Niagara Gorge and hearing me say repeatedly how this couple is hands down the epitome of why I love photographing engagements and weddings more than anything! 

Why you ask? This year I set a goal for myself, to photograph more of what I love. Put work, out into the world what I want to represent. This is not only just Love. Rather, it is Effortless love. The kind that seems so easy, and unrehearsed. The kind that is adventurous & untamed. 

Allison + Jack are just one of my couples who have completely defined this. Everything about them was so simple, I would pose them, ask them to hold hands and they would literally melt into each others arms, everything came so naturally to them. I absolutely love shooting engagement sessions before I photograph the clients wedding day! This gives me a chance to get to know the couple on a more personal level. Our hike through the Gorge gave me plenty of time to ask these two a billion questions that's for sure! Every question was answered with the sweetest of stories, some giggling and both smiling so big as they went back and forth with the teeniest of details that made these stories that much more special and unique to them.

Jack proposed on November 7th right along the Niagara river, what Allison thought was just a routine hike turned into one of the most life defining moments. It only seemed fitting this is where we photographed their engagement session! I can not wait to see what their September wedding has in store! 

& now for some previews!!

Amanda Schmidt