Have you ever met someone & instantly clicked? ok.. now have you ever instantly clicked with a person via email? Well.. me either until I received the email from this lovely bride to be!! Seriously it was as if we were separated at birth, everything she described to me as her perfect engagement session/ wedding may have had me foaming at the mouth. It all sounded so insanely incredible & right up my ally. So much so, when she began to name off my FAVORITE dream photographer & related my style of work to theirs.. I nearly fainted and there is a chance I had a slight heart attack haha. To top it off they gifted me with the most heart felt gift basket. As a sifted through the goodies I got more and more excited! Every single thing in the basket were all of my favorites! Pull and peel twislers, red wine, Tim Hortons coffee and the nicest thank you for being their photographer note?! How did they know?! Julia, the sweetheart she is went to the extent of going to my about me page on my website and put together a custom thank you basket just for me. I CANT EVEN guys! Totally unexpected but seriously blew me away how kind hearted and well thought out that was! So thank you again! 

Justin & Julia made their engagement session so fun! The way they held hands, laughed & talked about their relationship sent chills up my spine. You can see crystal clear that they have such a beautiful bond & I'm truly honored to be shooting their 2018 wedding! 

Amanda Schmidt