Kortney + Jesse, This newlywed couple was truly a dream come true!

Kortney a ridiculously talented photographer herself ... I should only be so lucky to get to shoot with her one day!! This girl is a lover of photo sessions and when you and your spouse look this good together can you even blame her!? What I love most about Kortney is her appreciation for all photography styles, she has shot with the light and airy photographer, the clean and crisp photographer and for her session with myself, we went for a darker moodier vibe. 

Kortney and Jesse's session was super romantic to say the least! They were my third session of the night, on my recent trip to North Carolina. The sun had just set and we tucked ourselves away back into an intimate wooded area, where they surrounded themselves with candles and got cozy as the night sunk in. The amount of love that these two have for each other is  something so unique and hard to find, and this was crystal clear in the short amount of time we got to spend together! I wish you both all the happiness in the world! 

Now some favorites from their session! 

Amanda Schmidt