Valentines day. A made up Holiday by the greeting card companies to make money? That may just be so..  But I look at it as why the hell not have a freaking holiday to pay extra attention to that special someone in your life showering them with things that make them smile? OR better yet... why not take this day to shower your own damn self? What a dream of a day it would be to spend all day dancing around, jamming out in some cute pjs, ordering your favorite  junk food, getting giddy on a bottle of wine. What a wonderful day it would be to shed all responsibilities but loving yourself a little extra this one day a year!  So thats what me and Miss. Jenna Wolf did! 

A while back I stumbled upon this 'Wine is my Valentine' Shirt, it popped up on one of my many feeds & I instantly knew I had to plan something around it!  Jenna and I had been in cahoots for quite sometime about wanting to collaborate but coming up with a game plan in winter had been a bit challenging! I pitched her the idea and we were off to the races (I think that's how the saying goes haha). Typically I rent out a hotel or cute AirBnB for these types of sessions, but since it was a bit of a personal just for fun project I decided to challenge myself in another way! If you guys only knew... This magical bohemian, fun single girl bedroom, you're looking at?... yaaa it's my dining room! On an average day we have a 5 foot farm house table running down the middle like the normal family dining room, but for this shoot we pushed the table off to the side shuffled the rest of the unneeded furniture into my  home office and took down any reminances of family photos hung on the walls! After all.. it would be a bit strange for my family photos to be in Jennas photos! Haha! Seems like a lot of work right? Really no, all in all with the help of my husband we spent about 30 mins setting up to where I was happy! 

Why am I telling you all this? Well because it just goes to show, that you can literally take any place and make it what you need it to be! We could have used any of the bedrooms in my house, but with the lack of light at the time of day we would be shooting, I just knew the outcome wouldn't be the same! The most important thing for me, is the natural lighting! So a swapping out and rearranging of rooms was no problemo! Now don't even get me started about the cleanup..  feathers blowing all over the place is no joke, but the outcome? Worth it!

Happy Valentines Day! Wine truly is the perfect Valentine!

& now, enjoy some favorites from this fun shoot! 

See Video teaser here! | VALENTINES DAY TEASER! 



Amanda Schmidt