What is there to even say about this session! Sarah & Patrick are such a fun loving couple, our shoot together was filled with non stop laughter & they truly made my job easy! We spent the beginning of their session in a local coffee shop Tipico in Buffalo, NY.. You know you have found your kind of people when you tell them about a cool wall in the bathroom & they're down to go take photos in it! Haha yes 3 of us went to the bathroom in a public place together with a camera.. Totally normal right?! If that doesn't make for a hilarious story for them to tell.. 

We then headed back to our cars to hit up our next location but we just had to make a pit stop along the way to shoot in front of some of the cutest little houses along our way. As we were shooting I kept thinking this totally has a Pixars UP vibe! Turns out Sarah, ironically has an UP tattoo on her leg & so it was a match made in heaven. 

In my time with Sarah and Patrick I could feel their strong connection and I really enjoyed watching how they interact with each other. Every smile and embrace was so filled with true love and dedication. If I could shoot with them every day of my life.. I would!! 

Plus... Patrick laughs at my corny jokes and told me I'm actually funny! He's a keeper Sarah! 

& now some favorites from their adorable couples shoot! 

Amanda Schmidt